How Clients Can Develop a Quality Working Relationship With Builders in WA

Developing a working relationship with quality builders in WA takes work.

When constructing a new home from scratch, the customer has to develop a rapport with the operator in order to feel safe and secure in their decision.

There have been horror stories that emerge from time to time across the state where new homeowners have invested in a professional and their team only to be let down and left with a costly mistake.

To avoid those scenarios altogether, a strong relationship has to be built where both sides have confidence that the development is on the right track.

Let us examine some steps that can establish this rapport.


Regular and Open Communication Expectations

It might sound simplistic and straightforward, but clients and builders in WA alike have to expect open communication that is regular. Whether it is at the conclusion or start of each day to every other day, the two parties have to assess the progress of the task and flag any potential issues as soon as they emerge. This can transition to phone calls, text messages and emails, but the most effective discussions are in person where everyone can see for themselves what is occurring in real time. Scheduled targets can be established and no one is left in any doubt as to who is responsible and what is expected.


Combined Planning

Working with builders in WA should be viewed as a collaborative approach. What is good for one party is good for the collective, helping to provide a quality long-term investment that the owner can take pride in and something that looks great on the builder’s portfolio. Some distance will have to be respected as no professional enjoys their client looking over their shoulder at all times, but a healthy degree of feedback and exchanging of ideas ensures that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals.


Agree to Staggered Payments

Lump sum payments can create problems when dealing with builders in WA. Whilst they will usually be happy to accept those terms, it helps to diversify the risk and adhere to tax regulations to stagger the payments at specific junctions. Many clients fall into problems when they offer the entire value upfront or wait until the very end of the project. Individuals have to consider the incentive for the professional to manage the task, pay their staff and still be motivated to work until conclusion.


Agree to Quote Terms and Sign Off On Contract

We have taken stock of a number of steps that can be taken to build trust between builders in WA and their clients. In most cases they have been for the benefit of the customer as the professional is required to take the initiative. However, there is a step that the client has to make in this regard by agreeing to the quote terms and signing off on the contract. There is no obligation for the individual to do this if they deem the terms are unacceptable, but if they do meet industry expectations and that key threshold, then pen should be put to paper. That will be a recognition of their expertise to give them the green light and back their diligence on the project.



The best tactic that any new homeowner should adopt it vetting builders in WA for their credibility, credentials, authenticity and track record. Once this endeavour has been carried out via various online and offline methods, it will be easier to establish confidence in the practitioner and invest in their methods and expertise. This will be a project that carries a great degree of risk and opportunity all at once, so it is important to undertake due diligence here and vet the candidate before working together on the creation.