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PS: If making more than one Request you will need to
return here for each Request.
have also Included an UPLOAD Button on some of the appropriate Pages.
You can use this to send us a picture if you have one.
This can sometimes be an easier way to explain a Graphic rather than words.

Booklets Words Graphic Words Graphic Other Booklets Replacement Letters
Multi order up to 10 Large Booklets at once
Multi order up to 10 Small Booklets at once
Multi order up to 8 words at one time


Please Note: If you don't see any Submission Form when you
click on one of the Links above, You will need the Latest Version
of Adobe Flash Player.
You can get it here.http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer/
All Instructions are here too. It will take about 1 or 2 min's

Please note: When choosing sizes.
Sizes are measured from the extreme width and or extreme Height of tthe word or graphic.
Different Font styles can have a significant effect on the size.
For example, take a look at the pictures below
ALL GIRL-small ACHIEVE-large
Width 100mm
Width 150mm

Did you know a Special Request can also be a Word or Graphic that we already
have but you would like it customised to a particular size

. Did you Know that we do customised packs for Retreats etc.
In other words if you would like say the Large Dragonflys but not
the smaller ones, plus say a small Butterfly but not the large one
We can easily put together a customised pack that would be sure
to delight your customers. This also works out to be a cheaper solution
rather than purchasing multiple items and then breaking up the packs to find you
have wasted products left over.
If you would like a customised pack please don't hesitate to
CONTACT US and discuss your requirements.


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